Guide to Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is a role-playing game created by Nintendo. The game is taken from the famous Fire Emblem series. Moreover, in the game, the players have characters called "Heroes". Each player can create a group of four heroes that will progress through the story. On top of that, in the game, you can also meet and fight with enemies or other teams trained by other players. One of the reasons why many people like to play this game is the existence of Arena mode. If you play in this mode, you will have the chance to fight with other players around the world. So, in this article, you will have the idea to get you the guide on Fire Emblem Heroes for your next battles.

The Guide to Fire Emblem Heroes

1. Why should you join Arena?

If you stay in the story mode, the progress of the game will be very slow. In addition, the chances of obtaining rare items are lower. However, if you join the Arena mode, you will have more opportunities to get rare items, especially if you defeat your opponent. On top of that, in Arena, you have the chance to win more points, which means more feathers. Besides, the feathers allow you to easily wake up your heroes. Finally, the EXP and SP points can also be won.

2. When can I join an Arena battle?

The Arena battles take place according to a season. Thus, you can not fight when you want it as it is intended. Therefore, the first guide on Fire Emblem Heroes is to remember the start and end dates of the season. Each season lasts one week, it starts on Monday at 23:00 and ends on the following Monday at 15:00. After the battle, your performance will be calculated and rewards will be given to you afterward.


Note: Your reward will depend on your points and your performance in the battles.

3. How can I survive in Arena?

The second thing you should also consider is the balance of your group. For example, if you have a healer, you will need to add heroes with other powers to ensure a good battle.

In addition, heroes who are considered strong are those who have more stars because they can share more skills during the progression. Once in the battle, be sure to check your level. The best tip on Fire Emblem Heroes is to know the bonuses of the characters of the current season. Indeed, the bonus of the mechanical characters with the help of the heroes of the season makes it possible to gain additional points. However, as the use of all heroes does not guarantee an excellent score, so it is not necessary to send all the characters into an Arena battle.


Outside your skills, having seven consecutive wins leaves you with bonus points as they can be accumulated together to get higher scores.

Fire Emblem Heroes Trailer


Fire Emblem Heroes is actually one of the most addictive games of the moment. With the tips on Fire Emblem Heroes provided in this article, you can win more feathers and points. Do your best to have the best team and conquer the world of Fire Emblem Heroes.


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