FIFA 18 (PS4, Xbox ONE, PC): Release date, trailer

EA confirmed to have reviewed the functioning of the displacement of the players for the new version of his game of Football.  Every year, the same question arizes: Will the new episode of FIFA be worth it? For some players, the answer is without appeal.

Others, less eager to be up to date on the performance of this or that player prefer to wait to see if the novelties are sufficient enough to motivate a purchase. A few months before the release of FIFA 18, we begin to discover the changes made by EA to their most lucrative sports license. It is through an interview given to  VG247  that one learns in particular that the movement has been revised. Indeed, rather than relying on pre-recorded animations, the players will react in real-time with respect to the movements of the stick.

fifa 18

The objective here is to promote realism and to ensure a finer control of the players. This new system should also make it possible to better distinguish agile and fast players from slower players. As expected, Adventure mode, the favorite of last year's edition will be back. This time you can browse this mode in cooperation with an online friend. Remember, FIFA 18 is scheduled for next September 29 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and PS3 in versions that we imagine quite different.

FIFA 18 is the next episode of the soccer simulation saga. Coming out on next-gen consoles as well as on Switch (in a watered down version), the EA Sports game will delight fans with new meteorological as well as diverse and diverse teams.

News: - The development studio in charge of FIFA 18 is EA CANADA, the largest in-house studio. He employs nearly 2,000 people and is responsible for the most popular fan games: NFS Underground, NFS Most Wanted, Medal of Honor and the vast majority of sports games published by EA Sports. 

- The Frostbite graphics engine will, according to the director of the Studio, carry the FIFA saga to new graphics lands. The public will certainly be much better done in FIFA 18!

-  The Chinese Super League will not be in FIFA 18, licensing issue. The Indian teams will be represented and will be powerful, to echo their current level. 

-  The players have been listened to! EA announced that FIFA 18 would offer a  reworked feature that all players expected: adventure mode! 

- We talked about it recently, the Frostbite engine will allow the Fifa series to explore new graphic territories. We recently learned that the so-called dynamic weather would be in the game! 

-  Will the functionality of the collective, detested by the players, disappear? 

-  A petition was launched by a group of players wanting to see an online career mode appear. It's, for now, more than 6000 signatures that are collected, not enough for EA to listen but if the blow gets bigger, the studio may pay attention to the demands of the fans!  - The jacket of the game, at least in the French version, will have Pogba as a model! 

- The commentators of the French version are known! As in the previous episodes,  Pierre Ménès and Hervé Mathoux are involved!

- The Switch version will be a bit different from the other consoles. Hack FIFA 18 In the words of the trailer Switch, " Frostbite engine and adventure mode: the return of Alex Hunter available only on  Xbox One,  PlayStation 4  and  PC. Not all features will be available on all platforms. " No adventure mode, nor Frostbite engine on this version so.  

-  Legend players will no longer be excluded XBOX!

- Here are the FIFA 18 players compared to their true face!

-  Three new stadiums are officialized in the game, including Atlético.

- The making-of of the trailer was unveiled!

  - Sony will offer several bundles PS4 + FIFA 18 at the exit of the game. Each iteration of the console (500GB, 1TB, Pro ...) will have the right to its own bundle. 

- FIFA 18 will not have an "exclusive" version. That is, the version for  XBOX ONE X  will basically be the same as PS4, XBOX One and PC. Only the textures will be "enhanced", coming with an update that will boost the graphics look to be in 4k. FIFA 18 Coin Generator Hack Coins For the PS4 pro, the textures will also be put on steroids.

- After the confirmation of Neymar Jr. at the PSG,  FIFA 18 did not drag before showing what they had in reserve for the Brazilian player! The gameplay of FIFA 18:

- In addition to the usual players, some new heads risk making their appearances. The Chinese teams and the women's teams are pointed at. 

- This year, it is again the character Alex Hunter who will be the central element of the adventure.  This adventure mode will also have Crucial Decisions, influencing the course of narration, matches. For example, some players on the same team may have a rivalry, impacting their performance.

- Transfers will be more varied and complete.

- The story mode is divided into chapters and each of them will have specific objectives to achieve.

- Artificial intelligence has been redesigned to offer players better behavior, more adequate with real behavior.

-  The great bridges will be back! Not sure that this mechanics, sometimes a little random, is appreciated by all ... 

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