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The frustration, the past weekend was already well expressed by FIFA 16 players in the editorial, the game suffers because with lots of connection problems. EA shows her stuff with FIFA Ultimate Team have not quite in order. The problem is so bad that people lose items (FUT Draft Tokens) where they have paid money for. The malicious routine of FIFA 16 to each throw players out of game sessions now also causes a lot of irritation which is more than justified.


The problem is only made worse by the fact that the game knows no difference between losing the connection with EA and the deliberate termination of a match. This ensures that FIFA 16 players 'fines' to the end of a match, while they were actually able to do anything at all. This disadvantage causes the DNF-multiplier is pushed up, and thus allows players to in that way make less coins after the completion of a game. This is to discourage players the game close early on when they are behind, also known as' rage-quitting. This functionality is in itself very positive, but then it should work well.

If you DNF multiplier goes up by the constant messing around with EA and their servers, then it makes sense that you get slightly irritated. You will then actually double stitched, you are indeed thrown out of a match which is bad enough, and then you will DNF multiplier even further up.

There have long been similar problems with FIFA, but it now seems fiercer than ever. There are times that even players who time and again the servers are thrown even at four to five matches in succession. Our editorial team faces exactly the same problem, not to mention the stories you read on many forums. There are even people whose profile completely to smithereens is aided by the connection problems. It features the highest DNF multiplier that is possible in the game, and entirely unjustified.

The lag in the Ultimate Team mode adds an additional top, also this fact creates much frustration when a match or to maintain once its connection knows. Online problems can always occur in a game, but FIFA 16 since its release makes it very variegated. Especially when you consider that this is not the first time.

If you think this was all. No, there are further problems with FUT Draft. FUT Draft requires players to a 'win streak continue and it is very difficult when you are constantly knocked off your streak by EA's servers. To participate in this mode, then your in-game coins to be delivered in FIFA or 300 points, which you can buy with real money. Many people have become a token bought with real money, and then forced through the EA servers and get rid of the token and therefore the money invested.

To make a long story short, FIFA 16 is currently a mess, and we advise you not to wait until EA knows all these problems to fix. Care in the meantime at least that you make known the problems, which can include here in the comments, but is much more effective complaints to the customer service of EA. 

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